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Conservatories are known to have their origins in the creation of artificially warm climates for plants, such as botanical gardens, glass houses and Orangeries. The construction of elegant Orangeries or Winter Gardens began as early as the start of the seventeenth century. It was Christopher Wren, in 1704, which realised the benefits of what is commonly known as the green house effect. The Orangery at Kensington Palace was the first specifically designed to maximise the potential of solar heating.

Here at Winstanley Windows we are pleased to offer the complete range from traditional Victorian and Edwardian designs to Orangeries and the modern Glazed Extension. So no matter how you intend to use your conservatory, style comfort and peace of mind are assured, in a design that is exclusively yours. The stylish lines of our conservatories offer optimum space utilisation in many pleasing designs, guaranteed to grace any home, whatever the architectural style. As an additional family room you will be able to enjoy the extra space the conservatory offers you.

From design and survey through to the completed installation, we will offer you the full service to ensure that the finished conservatory complements both your home and lifestyle.

Using the most modern materials, your conservatory will comply with the latest building regulations and recognised safety standards. Our uniquely designed roofs can be manufactured in any shape or style and can accommodate either polycarbonate or glass. Designed with strength in mind all our roofs are constructed to withstand the worst loading conditions for snow, dead weight and wind.

Conservatories Conservatories Conservatories

Frame Finishes

Available on white or tan
Available on brown or white
White UPVC
or White Laminate
Black Ash
Available on white (Sculpted range only)
Other colours available see relevant products

Design and Construction

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