Stable Doors

For the ultimate combination in functionality and style a stable door is the ideal solution. With its versatile opening arrangement a stable door with its two leafs can be interlocked and used as a single door or operated independently so that the top half can be opened whilst the bottom half remains shut and locked.

With the stable door design growing in popularity it has both security advantages as well as safety benefits as it forms a protective barrier to stop small children getting outside.

Our Stable Doors are available from both Stern Fenster and Solidor.  Our Solidor series are availalbe in all of their standard range and many of the Italia Collection door styles; obtainable in any of their colour range on both sides.

Further information and details on colour selection can be found by downloading their brochure from our Technical Information page.

Frame Finishes

Available on white or tan
Available on brown or white
Available on white (Sculpted range only)
Painted in any RAL colour

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