Panic Doors

  Panic doors are designed to be used in buildings where visitors are not familiar with the operation of an escape door and must be able to operate this door without a briefing in the event of an emergency. Illustrations of these buildings are hospitals, schools, sports facilities, airports and shopping centres. Bar handles or push bars which extend across the door are an essential requirement when it comes to fitting.

Our residential doors are also available with panic bars fitted to provide fire escape doors which provide a unique combination of safety with security.
Locking points engage securely in purpose-designed keeps to resist attack, but simply depress the panic bar to release all locking points and provide a safe and effective means of escape.

Frame Finishes

Available on white or tan
Available on brown or white
Available on white (Sculpted range only)
Over 200 RAL Finishes

Aluminium Range

Over 200 RAL Finishes

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